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Best Forex VPS Offers for 2017

Take a look at our best Forex VPS offers list for 2017. Here we list some  brokers who offer VPS services to their clients, whether it is for free, or paid to use per month. Check out their websites to find out more about their conditions of use before you decide to choose their offer.

Freshforex-High-speed Internet 24 hours a day
-Access to all functions of the trading
terminal through any device
-A high speed of processing orders on
any type of account
Free for 24 hours
10USD for 1 month
28USD for 3 months
54USD for 6 months
100USD for 12 months
FreshForex Website
Super Trading Online-Trade around the clock.
-Manage your EAs from any device connected to the internet.
-VPS operates independently so don't worry about device crashes, power outages or internet interruptions.
-VPS solution offers security, stability and confidence.

SuperTradingOnline Review
To Get a Free VPS:
Make a minimum deposit of €/£/$ 2000
Trade a minimum of 5 lots per month

Paid VPS available for €/£/$ 35 per month
STO Website
Instaforex-Access to a full-function virtual dedicated server
-Take all advantages of a single-unit physical server.
-Located in a St.Petersburg Datacenter
-Windows WebServer 2008
-Choose 1 of 3 VPS configurations

InstaForex Review
To get a free VPS:
-Clients need an account balance of over 5000 USD

Paid VPS:
Price depends on account balance and VPS plan (From 10 to 40 USD)
Instaforex Website
HotForex-Accessible from anywhere in the world
-High safety with password accessibility only available for the end user
-Dedicated administrators monitoring servers
-CPU Up to 2200MHz
-RAM 512MB
-Bandwidth unlimited
Free MT4 VPS service requirements:
a) Maintain a balance of 5,000 USD or equivalent.
b) Complete a minimum monthly trading volume of 5 lots.

Free MT4 Advanced VPS service requirements:
a) Maintain a balance of 8,000 USD or equivalent.
b) Complete a minimum monthly trading volume of 8 lots.
HotForex Website
ICMarkets-Use a variety of automated trading strategies
-Run your EA's in a trouble free environment
-No need for any additional computer hardware
Get a sponsored VPS:
A minimum volume of 15 round turn (FX) lots per calendar month is required.
IC Markets Website


So What is a VPS?

You may be wondering why you need to pay attention to VPS offers available from brokers. Lets start with an explanation of what a VPS is; VPS stands for Virtual Private Server and refers to servers that are collectively kept on the same computer with other VPSes. For your trading purposes, a Windows operating system is installed with disk space and RAM memory allocated to it in order to run. Unlike your computer at home which has one instance of an operating system on it, if we add more, we can refer to them as virtual (not each having their own computer). Even though there are many VPSes, they all operate independently of each other, and you have full control over the one you are renting.

Some trading companies offer clients VPS deals, either for free or conditional. They themselves rent the VPS and it comes with certain specifications which vary depending on price and company.

So why would you use one to trade instead of using your own computer?

Firstly, if you have a desktop pc as opposed to a device that is mobile, then using a VPS gives you the opportunity to trade from anywhere, you just log in from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Secondly, you can trade at any time of the day using automated trading, as the VPS will remain online, regardless of you wanting to power your own computer down, or if there is a power cut. You not being online won’t matter.

Thirdly, they are useful for reducing slippage. With manual trading, your own device and network connection can slow the order greatly, losing you money. Trading companies look for reliable VPS providers that offer faster systems than we normally have at home, in order to decrease any delay trading.

Lastly, VPS systems are typically highly secured. Most providers guarantee 99.9% up-time as well as offering antivirus and other tools to protect the system from vulnerabilities. If your own devices are vulnerable to attacks, they may be out of service while you get them fixed.

While VPS systems may not be for everyone, there are definitely advantages in favour of them.

Just remember to disable windows automatic updates on your VPS otherwise when it is updating, it may restart automatically, closing any platforms you have running and disturbing your trading.

Find out more about these brokers to decide if they are right for you.


VPS Offers


Can I use a VPS Without the Help of a Broker?

Absolutely. You don’t have to go through any broker in order to rent yourself a VPS.  At Fozzy, a special Forex VPS program is offered to clients for only 19.95 EUR/month. It will have Windows Server 2008 OS running on it, which looks similar to Windows 7 and therefore easy to use. They also offer 1GB RAM memory and 25GB Disk Space per VPS.
Backups are made daily, and the servers themselves are high end DELL servers, located in the Netherlands in the same data-center as the servers of many leading brokers, so you know that they mean business.

Fozzy have listed some latency (speed) tests from their Forex VPS servers to broker trading servers, see the chart below that lists them with time in milliseconds (MS).

As you know, in the world of trading, every millisecond matters so the lower the MS, the better. If you are already working with a broker that Fozzy has tested the latency to be 1-2 MS, then a Fozzy Forex VPS is perfect for you.


Fozzy VPS Speed

Fozzy VPS Hosting

So if you’d rather rent your own VPS than go via a broker, Fozzy make a great alternative.