Featured Brokers List

FXTMRegulated By: CySEC, UK FCA$1 Min. DepositUp to 1:1000 LeverageFXTM Website
HotForexRegulated By: CySEC$50 Min. DepositUp to 1:1000 LeverageHotForex Website
IC MarketsRegulated By: AFSL$200 Min. DepositUp to 1:500 LeverageIC Markets Website
SuperTradingOnlineRegulated By: FCA , CySEC$20 Min. DepositUp to 1:500 LeverageSTO Website
AvatradeRegulated By: Central Bank of Ireland, Australian Securities & Investments Commission, B.V.I Financial Services Commission Financial Futures Association of Japan$100 Min. DepositUp to 1:400 LeverageAvaTrade Website
IronFXRegulated By: CySEC$500 Min. DepositUp to 1:500 LeverageIronFX Website
freshforexRegulated By: KROUFR$1 Min. DepositUp to 1:1000 LeverageFreshForex Website
etoroRegulated By: CySEC$50 Min. DepositUp to 1:400 LeverageeToro Website
InstaforexRegulated By: FFMS via InstaTrade Investment Company $1 Min. DepositUp to 1:1000 LeverageInstaforex Website