PaxForex Forex Marathon – Win a Brand New iPhone 7

Take Part in the PaxForex Forex Marathon and Win a Brand New iPhone 7 with AirPods at PaxForex

The winner of the is the participant with the most time transactions. This refers to total time of successful transactions. No negative ones will count towards the net time. Pips don’t matter here and neither does profit. Only time. This allows everyone, regardless of their experience to have a go at the contest.

Anyone can enter the contest, using either an existing USD account or a new one and deposit $300.


PaxForex Forex Marathon

You can open a position at the start and wait for the end of the contest or have many short transactions that will be summarised at the end. The choice is yours since both strategies, or variants can be good. Any currency pair can be used.

The sooner you start, the more chances you will have to win the prize, since it is only running from November 14 until December 10.

Don’t wait or you’ll have less chances to win! Sign up for the PaxForex Forex Marathon here.


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